The Debt Collector’s Secret Weapon: The Robotic Persona

Payday Loan Debt Collector at work

AI Powered Debt Collection

Once upon a time, there was a debt collector named John.

John had made a name for himself in the industry by offering loans to people with bad credit, but he secretly feared that he wasn’t cut out for the job.

Every time John tried to call a borrower to ask them to pay off their loan, his palms would start to sweat, and he would stumble over his words.

He was so consumed by imposter syndrome that he began to avoid his borrowers altogether, hoping they would simply pay their debts.

One day, John’s boss called him into his office to discuss the high number of non-performing loans on John’s books.

John felt a knot form in his stomach as he sat down across from his boss, fearing that he would be fired on the spot.

But to John’s surprise, his boss had a unique solution to his problem. He suggested that John pretend to be a robot when calling his borrowers to collect payment.

At first, John was skeptical.

But his boss explained that robots don’t have emotions, so they can’t experience imposter syndrome.

Plus, if John pretended to be a robot, he could use a monotone voice and avoid any awkward conversations with borrowers.

John decided to give it a try.

The next day, he donned a metallic jumpsuit and put on a robotic voice. He dialed the first borrower on his list and waited for the voicemail to kick in.

“Hello, this is Robo-Lender,” John intoned in his monotone voice. “You have an outstanding debt that needs to be paid immediately. Failure to comply will result in the activation of our debt collection protocols.”

To John’s surprise, the borrower actually called back. And when they did, John kept up the robotic act, even throwing in a few “beep boops” for good measure.

To his amazement, John found that pretending to be a robot actually made it easier to collect payments from borrowers.

He no longer felt the same anxiety when making collection calls, and his borrowers seemed to respond better to the robotic persona.

In fact, John became so good at his robotic act that his boss even suggested he start wearing a robot costume to work.

From that day forward, John became known as the “Robo-Lender” at his company.

And while he still struggled with imposter syndrome from time to time, John knew that as long as he had his robot costume and monotone voice, he could face any debtor with confidence.

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