The Ultimate Loan Shark

How to start a subprime consumer loan business
I’m the ultimate loan shark, but the legal and friendly kind! I’m a subprime lending pro, a master of small-dollar loans for the masses. I know how to launch/improve a consumer loan business and get licensed in any state. I can create a business plan to make even the most conservative investor say, “I’ll lend you the money!”

I’m a website-building wizard, and I’ll set you up with an online loan application process in no time. I’m a pro at selecting loan management software, acquiring customers, processing loan applications, underwriting subprime loans, and funding the loans. And when it comes to collecting on nonperforming loans, I’m like a bloodhound on the scent of a bacon cheeseburger. So if you have a voracious desire to enter the “business of lending money to the masses,” come to me, and we’ll make it happen with a touch of humor, fun, and SERIOUS profits!

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