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A Story About Jake, the Debt Collector

Here’s a story about a debt collector named Jake:

Debt collector working at

Once upon a time, there was a debt collector named Jake. He had been working in the collections industry for many years. He had seen it all – from borrowers who genuinely wanted to pay their debts but were facing financial hardships to those who simply didn’t care and thought they could get away with not paying.

One day, Jake received a file for a borrower named Maria. She had taken out an installment loan to fix her car. Shortly afterward, Walmart cut back her hours, so she could not make her payments.

Jake had heard this story many times before and was prepared for the usual excuses and pleas for leniency. But when he called Maria to discuss her account, something unexpected happened.

Maria answered the phone, and Jake could hear the sound of a baby crying in the background. He asked if everything was okay, and Maria burst into tears. She explained that her husband had recently been laid off from his job, and they were struggling to make ends meet. They were about to lose their home and had no idea how they would feed their family.

Jake, the debt collector, was moved by Maria’s story and knew he had to do something to help. He took the time to listen to her and understand her situation. He then suggested that they work out a payment plan that would be manageable for her and even offered to call other creditors on her behalf to see if they could work out a plan.

Maria was extremely grateful and thanked Jake for his kindness. She could make her payments on time, and eventually, her husband found a new job. With Jake’s help, Maria could get back on her feet and start rebuilding her credit.

[Jake’s employer, a personal loan company, signed up with a new platform that reports their subprime consumer loan customers’ payments to 2 of the 3 major credit bureaus! Their verified loan payment information is submitted directly to Transunion and Equifax! PS: This helps Maria and her husband build their credit AND provides leverage for subprime Lenders!] Thus, thanks to Jake, the debt collector’s efforts, Maria and her husband are rebuilding their credit.

Jake’s colleagues were impressed with his ability to connect with the borrower and find a solution that worked for both parties. They could see that by treating borrowers with empathy and understanding, they were more likely to work with them and find a way to resolve their debts. From that day on, Jake’s peers followed in his footsteps, tried to connect with the borrowers, and helped them in any way they could for the betterment of their employer and the debtor.

The moral of the story? A¬†good debt collector always tries to understand the borrower’s situation and find a solution that works for everyone. A little empathy goes a long way!

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Trends: Lending to the Masses Opportunity


Consolidation/Acquisition/Rollup Efficiency Opportunities

Lenders must grow their loan portfolio

Inflation is reducing discretionary income for our demographic

Loan DEMAND is up and will scale into 2023+

Loan ORIGINATION volumes are suffering. 

Loan APPROVAL rates are decreasing. 

Loan applicant “QUALITY” is deteriorating.

Near prime devolving to subprime and “reacts” are the primary source for loan originations

2023 Q1 tax refunds will reduce demand for subprime loans

One positive: Student loan forgiveness is a certainty. This will improve loan originations in late 2023+

Another positive: Employee pay increases likely will continue = increased applicant quality 

Small operators are struggling with cash flow & cost of capital issues

Online First time payment defaults are 2.5X storefront. [we’re a relationship business.]


A unique window for Consolidation/Acquisition/Efficiency Opportunities and “rollup” opportunities exists today.

Efficient lenders should aggressively acquire competitors

Consolidate back office operations [CAC, Marketing, LMS, Underwriting, Servicing, Collections…]




Lenders: 20 Very Cool Loan Ads to Riff Off

You’ve got to check out these new commercials by Chuck Brennan’s Dollar Loan Center!

Chuck Brennan is a GOAT* in our “Business of Lending to the Masses!”

From humble beginnings, Chuck launched his first 100+ consumer loan locations in 1998.

Chuck has provided leadership & phenomenal inspiration to lenders, marketers, kids rock-n-roll…

He even built a fabulous Arena on the outskirts of Las Vegas dubbed “The Dollar Loan Center!” [Click on 2nd Image below]

Chuck’s a special guy! A FORCE in our industry.

Now, with Chuck’s blessings, I give you access to his latest Dollar Loan Center Commercials.

I HIGHLY recommend you share these 20 short clips with your marketing department. Get them in a room for “idea sex.” For example, if you’re in the SouthEast, a NASCAR theme could work. Texas? FOOTBALL!¬†

Watch “Loan Approval Machine” on YouTube [Access to all 20 commercials.]


What is CAC: Customer Acquisition Costs 101 for Lenders

For consumer loan companies, what is CAC?

Customer acquisition cost, or CAC, is the amount of money spent on sales and marketing required to fund a new customer’s loan. It is calculated by summing a consumer lender’s total sales, and marketing spend and dividing it by the number of new customers acquired.

Lenders can calculate CAC for a given time period or all time and is helpful to compare the effectiveness of different marketing tactics and strategies.

Of course, a lower CAC is better, as it suggests your marketing and sales teams are effective at targeting your customer avatar efficiently.

What is the purpose of customer acquisition?

The purpose of customer acquisition is to find a repeatable, methodical way of attracting customers to your lending business. Your goal is to increase your “book; your portfolio. Consumers by the millions are applying for small-dollar loans daily. You’ve got to get more than your share! You cannot wait for borrowers to naturally come to you.

Your goal is to create an efficient,¬† systematic, ongoing strategy to acquire new borrowers, service existing borrowers, and grow your “money on the street” in order to scale loan fees generated.



WANTED: Portfolio/Platform Acquisition

WANTED: Portfolio/Platform Acquisition: We continue to aggressively pursue $10MM+ collateralized loan [vehicle title] portfolios! Reward! Email Jer



Look Out! Subprime Lenders Facing Turbulent Times

The Future of the Small-Dollar Micro-Lending Industry

We define small-dollar micro-lending products as relatively small loan principals of $50 to $5000 for seven days to 48 months having APRs of 30% to 1500% or more. These products include payday loans, car title loans, installment loans, line-of-credit loans, pawn, rent-to-own and similar products not yet envisioned.

Sub-prime, small-dollar micro-lending products are a normal market response to demand for short-term liquidity from borrowers with jobs but little access to other sources of funds. These financially challenged consumers lack access to credit cards, banks, and credit union funding. Their friends and family cannot help because it’s not only embarrassing to ask, but their peers are in similar circumstances.

Lenders must create a business model that:

  • Will survive and thrive under the current wave of competition.
  • Gain access to a sustainable cost of capital
  • Can compete with alternative loan products entering the subprime market weekly [buy-now-pay-later, early access to wages, look-alikes, collateralized loan products‚Ķ]
  • Can cope with new and existing regulations.
  • Can maintain bank relationships.
  • Can integrate with consumer credit-building opportunity platforms.
  • Anticipate consumer desires and their preferred debt vehicles
  • How and where consumers want to access loans
  • How to structure loan products

The business of lending to the masses.

Demand for subprime, micro-lending loan products continues unabated. As the middle class expands and high FICO (U.S.) consumers debase and decline into lower credit tranches, the demographic for subprime loan products will continue to scale! Study after study consistently concludes that consumers need access to quick, no-hassle, small-dollar loans to meet temporary financial emergencies.

Today’s inflationary environment drives demand for small-dollar loans as well.

Defaults: Price increases this year!

gas: +49%
used cars: +35%
hotel room: +29%
airline tickets: +24%
car rentals: +23%
bacon: +18%
oranges: +18%
furniture: +17%
peanut butter: +16%
crackers: +16%
steak: +16%
suits: +15%
butter: +14%
milk: +13%
lamps: +12%
coffee: +11%
cereal: +10%

My point? Defaults will soon prove to be an issue for lenders. Lenders need tools that provide instant, real-time financial data about their borrowers and applicants. Reach out immediately if you do not have access to the following instant alerts via your loan management platform:

  • Your customer gets paid
  • Your customer receives an IRS check
  • Your customer closes their bank account
  • Your customer’s bank account is negative
  • Your customer receives a loan from a competitor
  • Your customer’s job situation declines
  • Customer payment reminders
  • Ping nearly 50,000 financial institutions, including Cash App, money transfer apps, crypto apps‚Ķ
  • And much, much more‚Ķ

Why does this matter? Inflation is rising dramatically. Defaults will soar. Demand for loan products is scaling. He who can qualify, approve and fund a loan fast will win BIG in this new environment. The tool is here today. To learn more:

The Internet and mobile technology continue to impact the small-dollar micro-lending industry profoundly. Consumers residing in states and provinces that do not allow payday loan products to exist routinely obtain them online. Imagine a web that isn’t focused around a computer but is everywhere, on every device, every person, accessible at every location. It’s not a place you go; it’s a layer behind everything you do.

The phone! Enough said! That’s where the action is. EVERYONE does business on their phone today!

Email is less and less likely to be opened by your customer on their desktop or laptop computers. Email “opens” in mobile devices now dominate. This is huge. Micro-lenders who are slow to adapt to this revolutionary reality will experience reductions in loan portfolio size and fail to achieve velocity.

Regulation will continue to dominate the small-dollar micro-lending landscape for the foreseeable future. In every country small-dollar micro-lending products enter the fray, they meet resistance from competitors, including banks and credit unions, so-called consumer protectionists, credit card companies, legislators, and competing Fintech platforms. Many licensing models, including choice-of-law, sovereign nation (tribe), offshore, state-by-state, and province-by-province, continue to “muddy the waters.”

On a local level, more than a few cities, townships, and counties are capping or restricting the number of payday loan financial service centers allowed. Brick-n-mortar operators must continually meet with and educate local politicians and city council members regarding their business and customers. Remind these politicians that our industry pays taxes, employs thousands of their constituents, contributes to the community, and pays leases and property taxes.

Regarding the CFPB (U.S),  we have personally met with the head of the CFPB and various Asst. Directors of the CFPB. Our takeaway is that they are focused on transparency and disclosure of all fees rather than some Machiavellian legislative initiative.

International entry into small-dollar micro-lending continues. Payday loans, installment loans, car title loans, line=of-credit loans, etc., are offered in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, Poland, Latvia, Mexico, Latin America, South Africa, and more. Interestingly, companies with international small-dollar micro-lending success are entering the U.S. despite the perceived regulatory climate.

Payment Processing may be the most dynamic area today for the small-dollar loan industry today. Crypto and the lightning network are already upending our sector. Signup for our free monthly Newsletter for breaking news about vendors offering state-of-the-art platforms that eliminate chargebacks, ACH fees, and deliver instant funding for pennies.

Bottom line: This is the time to be a lender to the masses. Opportunity is the word of the day. For those of us willing and able to envision what new loan products and delivery systems should look like, the “world is our oyster.”


Lending to the Subprime Masses

Your subprime consumer borrowers are searching for you. Money lending is scaling up again. Your brick-n-mortar customers are simply not coming back. Embrace digital channels, AI, smartphones… or DIE.
Here are keyword search trends for December 2021 for Lending Money to the Masses [USA only] “Cash Advance,” “Payday Loan,” “Personal Loan,” “Title Loan,” “Car Title Loan.” Need leads? Need consulting? Reach out!¬†¬†Our Team is ready to help! State licensed and & Tribal Model.¬†#Consulting¬†#Lending¬†#Fintech
payday loans, car title loans, personal loans

Opportunities Available: Biz of Lending to the Masses

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