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As your consultant, you are not just getting an hour of conversation - you are getting access to years of experience, insights, and strategies that can help you achieve your goals. FAST!

If you’re worn out spending hour upon hour searching Google for consumer loan business strategies, know-how, software, licensing, consumer credit reporting, sample contracts, collection tactics, profitability, how much start-up capital you need, anticipated default metrics, and on and on and on…

Our “Bible” delivers ALL THESE ANSWERS AND MORE!

Answers to how profitable are they? How much do these businesses earn? Do you need a license? We update our “Bible” every 3 months.

How to loan money to consumers! Payday loans, car title loans, installment loans, line-of-credit loans… via the Internet and storefront models.

How to start a payday loan business, an installment loan business, a car title loan business...

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Texas: Do you know just enough to be dangerous? Do you need an in-depth understanding of how the Texas CAB/CSO consumer loan model works? Are you wondering how the 3rd Party Lender fits into all this? Why it appears you must pay to lend your own money? How do you get licensed to offer loans in Texas? Do you need a 3rd Party Lender?

We’ve got you covered! We offer an 88-page “Texas CAB/CSO Small Dollar Loan Analysis”  that thoroughly explains how you can enter the lucrative Texas market for lending to the masses. 

The “3rd Party Lender rule can be difficult to grasp. Texas does NOT allow you to loan your own money. Weird, right?

How to Start a Texas CAB - CSO

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Do you want to learn how to make money by lending money? You’re fed up spending hours and days with “google” in an attempt to figure out if small-dollar lending, payday loans, car title lending, and installment loans are profitable? Talk to an expert!

Request a Call for as short as 15 minutes, 100%, targeted, focused call. Extend the call if you like.

ANY subject, question… is on the table! And don’t worry. There will be zero touchy, feely getting to know you banter! We’ll drill down & get right to your needs.

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Every B2C consumer loan entrant needs our new “Consumer Loan Pro Forma Financial Modeling Tool.” Our analytics gurus built this tool. With it, you can “play” with multiple inputs, including lead costs, default rates, loan conversion rates, number of loans funded daily/monthly, average loan principal amount, fee charge per loan principal, rollovers, employee costs, overhead expenses…

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How to start a payday loan business, an installment loan business, a car title loan business...

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