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The Problem?

You’re considering starting a B2C consumer loan business.

You don’t know where to start. You’ve spent hours and hours “Googling” a multitude of search terms such as:

  • Payday loan profits
  • How to start a consumer loan company
  • Opening a car title loan business
  • How to start a payday loan internet business
  • Business plan for a loan company
  • how to start a payday loan company online
  • how to start a payday loan company in texas
  • how to start a payday loan company online
  • how to get payday loan companies to stop calling 🙂


Quick story!

In 1998 I was looking for my next gig. I was currently the Co-Founder of a 3-location “Ugly Duckling Car Rental” and U-Haul Truck franchise company. I was bored. I noticed the Internet was starting to gain traction. I began to “play around.” I signed up for every web design and Internet-focused class at Saddleback College.

One day between classes, I saw a small ad in the Orange County Register; yep we still had newspapers! This ad read, “Learn the Payday Loan Business. Free intro class this Wednesday at Harbor Pawn Shop.” In short, I attended the free class, listened to the pitch, wrote a check for $600 to the teacher, and spent the next two days learning about this new “thing” called a “payday loan.

Within a week, I applied for my license, added a “payday loan” counter in my Mission Viejo car and truck franchise location, and began loaning $255 for 14 days and $300. 600% APRs!

I sucked! I made every mistake in the book! My biggest problem? There were four.

Demand for my payday loan product was HUGE.

I put up a “mickey mouse” banner outside the office. “Borrow $300 Until Payday.” Lines out the door immediately.

There was a sex call center in my building. They employed 40 ladies who were paid by the minute to talk sexy on the phone. 

These were often 3 generations; mom, daughter, and grandma.

I did zero underwriting! 

“You gotta pay stub? You qualify.” Stupid me! In those days, there were zero tech tools for verifying employment, SS#, or address…

Everything was done manually!

I fell for every sob story imaginable when it came time to pay me back.

I sucked at getting my money back!

I didn’t have a “shark” personality. Life had been too easy for me.

What changed? EVERYTHING!

I hired a “grandma” who worked in the sex call center. Man, was she good.

She began qualifying our payday loan customers the moment they walked into our location.

She got our money! She was “nice” but relentless. She was literally “the squeaky wheel.”

I rewarded her with a “piece of the action.” [No equity!] We hit our metrics, and she got a NICE bonus monthly. I devised a simple system, and she worked it!

Loan management software came on the scene. eCheckTrac was my first software investment.

Underwriting services like TeleTrack, Factor Trust, Decision Logic, Microbilt, and DataX… began offering ID verification services.

The INTERNET! Smartphones, SEO, SEM, email SCALED!!!!!

Consumer demand continued unabated. Still does…

Eventually, my Team and the “money” built out 15 storefronts in 4 states.

In the early 2000s, I sold my equity in the stores, launched several online portfolios at the request of several “friends” began consulting, wrote a “bible” about “How to Loan Money to the Masses Profitably,”  and never looked back!

The money is good!

We have our detractors. But I’ve been on the firing lines behind that counter. I could tell you thousands of stories in which our loan products have saved people’s butts!

The BEST method to learn more about “The Business of Lending to the Masses” is to invest $150.00 in our “Course” – often referred to as “the bible.”

Again, if you’re done with “Googling search terms such as “how to start a payday loan business, how to start a car title loan business, how to start a consumer-faced loan business online or via a brick-n-mortar storefront location, how profitable is a consumer loan business, what licenses – if any – do I need, consumer loan contracts, what loan management software should I use, what do I do if my borrower fails to pay me back as promised, how do I get the funds to my borrower, how do they pay me back when they live/work in another State, how do I get borrowers, who should build my website, what about lending to customers via their smartphone, and on and on and on…” wasting hour upon hour of your precious time,

YOU NEED OUR QUARTERLY UPDATED COURSE: “How to Start or Improve a Consumer Loan Business!” $150.00

How to Start a Payday Loan Business

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