Indian Country Enters the Financial Services Industry via E-commerce

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Native American Financial Services: Partnering Tribally Owned Business Development with E-commerce and Capital in the Financial Services Industry. is 100% focused on enabling Indian Country to participate in E-commerce while promoting responsible financial loan products for consumers facing severe, emergency financial challenges; consumers turned away by banks and credit unions. Consumers who simply need access to fast, no-hassle cash while maintaining their dignity and the respect of their families, peers, and neighbors.


Reach out to or shoot an email to to explore how you can participate in “the business of lending money to the masses!”I offer term sheets, tribe loan portfolio pro formas, TLE and Tribe Economic Development word docs… everything a new lender requires in order to legally and formally launch a tribe-owned online loan business.

Many Native American Indian tribes have authorized consumer financial services businesses as legitimate conduits for generating tribe revenue and develop Tribe’s economy to improve the Tribe’s economic self-sufficiency, to enable the Tribe to better serve the social, economic, educational, and health and safety needs of its members and visitors, and to provide its members with opportunities to improve their own economic circumstances.

In an effort to protect consumers, borrowers and their constituents, all Tribal Financial Service providers are required to be licensed as a Tribal business and by the Tribal Financial Services Regulatory Authority (“TFSRA”), and to adhere to the Tribal Financial Services Regulatory Code, as well as all applicable federal and Tribal laws and regulations.

Tribally Owned and Operated Financial Service Businesses

The Native American Financial Services Association (NAFSA), an advocacy association advocating for responsible payday, installment, title loan and line-of-credit loan products, notes that “tribal online lending provides a critical economic lifeline for sovereign tribes in remote areas.” Revenue and profits generated by tribe payday and installment lending arms are used to fund tribal infrastructure as well as cultural, youth, employment, and health care programs.

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