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Corona & Storefront Lenders

I have equity in some pawn shops, payday loan, title loan, personal loan… brick-n-mortar locations. I belong to a couple of industry groups & associations in a multitude of States.

The following is what ONE entrepreneur has chosen to do to remain open. I am not endorsing it. Rather, sharing it with you. This is actually provided by Yigal’s Group for pawnshop owners. [Consultant/Coaching for Pawnshops]


We SINCERELY hope you and your Team are doing well.

It’s tough around the globe BUT I’m very optimistic about the eventual outcome of our industry!

I want to EMPHASIZE that WE – those of us in the business of lending to the masses – are about to experience the most profound changes and OPPORTUNITIES imaginable!

Face-to-face interactions will diminish PERMANENTLY. Digital behaviors and transactions ordinary people can execute from their phone will scale significantly. Embrace a digital experience theme for your life, your brand, your business, for YOU, or “die!”

Disruption = Opportunity!!

Demand by consumers for solutions for their financial challenges is going to scale beyond our resources! If you need help adapting to this new paradigm, REACH OUT. If I cannot help you, I KNOW who can! Jer TrihouseConsulting@gmail.com

Steven A: What’s working for us:

We want to limit the people for moral reasons and stay open to serve those in need and to survive as a business.

I am feeling good that our plan is working; we are serving and we are not creating a “Spreading” scenario.

  • We have Signs in front of the Door Stating Limited Capacity (As Pictured).
  • We have an cheerful happy friendly employee at door who watches, counts and allows in and out.
  • If line is too crowded outside, employee tells them to spread out.
  • Door employee talks to the line while waiting and asks what they are up to, pre screens… rewrites can go in and out quick, loans on crazy stuff may get told “not today”. Answers questions, makes sure no one is waiting for no reason. Also makes sure no one is sick coming in. This is not as hard as it sounds. No one has any issues with it.
  • Employee opens and closes door no one else touches door handle.
  • We have four stations. We are low on employees, but basically allowing one customer per employee / station.
    Station is wiped down between customers.
  • Station / Counter has a Triangle sing on it preventing people from leaning on counter. Without this barrier they will lean, you need the triangles (as pictured). This keeps them standing upright which keeps them 5-6 feet away, a rope barrier would work as well. But you need a barrier otherwise they will come and get a foot from your face just out of habit.
  • Pens. We have a Clean Pen and Dirty Pen jar. Instruct them to take a clean pen, and put in dirty pen jar when done. Watch them because they will put it right back in the clean.
  • Money and ID and such just goes on counter, no need to handle it.
  • We also tell the customers “Remember, the money is likely dirty, be careful with it, and use the hand sanitize anytime you handle money”.
  • Send em on the way.
  • Employees can wear masks if they want but none are, as long as customers are keeping distance they feel good.
  • Yes, we speak up if someone is breaking the new social mores, wandering around pointlessly, getting too close, any cough we ask to leave.
  • When we control the door people understand we are serious and it gives us the chance to tell them its really important and hopefully if we all follow the safe practices it will be a short lived thing.
  • People are buying quick and easy. Game systems, firearms, TV’s. Quick easy, not even asking for discounts. Just go grab a TV and Checkout, kinda nice.
  • We had the system down to a tee yesterday and I believe we kept everyone 6 Feet away from one another.
  • Think we did our social responsibility and that we were NOT a place where infection is being spread.
  • We also got money to those in need and made a bit of money ourselves, (Not much but a little at least).
    Hope this helps. We are in a city of 120,000 BTW. Not high density. Mostly suburban.
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