A Full-Service Kiosk for the Masses

Our kiosks are created to provide financial freedom to the 100 million+ persons considered unbanked or underbanked in the United States. These persons rely heavily on cash and have a need to conduct their financial business in a quick, convenient way. We fulfill that need. Blazingly Fast, Blazingly Easy.

Ready for a kiosk that reduces or eliminates:

  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Robbery
  • Counterfeits
  • Payroll Costs

and brings business and revenues?


What We Do


Say goodbye to theft, fraud, counterfeits, health risks, and cash costs. Say hello to customer satisfaction, increased spending, and additional marketing abilities…. CashCardKiosk is a complete solution to the elimination of cash within your venue.  Born out of a need to combat health risks associated with cash, we provide a solution that removes the risk of cash and enables your patron to spend risk-free within your location.


  • Whether it’s a concert hall, zoo, theater, or hotel, patrons will have the financial freedom to use a prepaid debit card anywhere VISA is accepted and the immediate ability to convert their cash through our instant issue cash to card kiosk.
  • Now the customer can Pay and Go with their instant issue prepaid VISA.
  • No more counting cash, losing cash, or having to break a $100.00 bill.
  • Within seconds, a customer can ditch the cash and get the instant power of a debit card in their hands!
  • Didn’t spend all the funds loaded? No Problem! The consumer can use the debit card anywhere, even an ATM


  • Greatly reduce health risks! No more handling of potential germ-carrying cash from patrons
  • Reduce costs from staff handling of cash, cash storage, security, theft, fraud, and counterfeits
  • Increase spending power… Customers with plastic in hand tend to spend more!


  • Give your patrons the ability to purchase gift cards, airtime, and multiple other products at your discretion.
  • Take advantage of on-screen marketing and the ability to message the consumer even after they’ve left the venue.
  • Access to reports, 24-7.
  • Cash treasury management/logistics available

Are you Interested?

Reach out to Jer Ayles:

702-208-6736 M-F, 10 am – 4 pm PDT.

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