Heads Up: The Business of Lending to the Masses

Just a short “Heads Up.” I’m overwhelmed with inbound inquiries…
  • Capital available: Serious $$ are available for seasoned lenders. Consumer demand is picking up dramatically. You all know we are headed into Q3 & Q4; our primo demand season! Both State licensed and Tribal lenders are in need of additional capital to “put on the street.” Criteria? Seasoned portfolios with superior executive Teams having “skin in the game.”
  • Deal structure? All debt – all equity – blended… Open to all structures. Creativity is the name of this game! All debt typically earns 12% – 20%+ depending on the financial product, the Team, State vs Tribal model, equity kicker…
  • Exit strategy? This is always an important element in any deal. Get acquired? Simply build an “annuity” that spins off cash? IPO? Tribal purchase? Anticipated time frame?
  • SAAS Plays. We are looking for “picks & shovels” SAAS companies in need of capital and solid industry insight accompanying the investment. Several platforms/entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, Boston, Austin, are looking for investors to scale their platforms and integrate with Lenders and vendors already in consumer lending.
  • Title lending: Huge demand for Loans collateralized by cars, trucks, equipment, RV’s boats [Entrepreneur owns a marina for storage/Repos!] Don’t know how? We have experienced operators to teach you! Collateralized loans to the subprime are very profitable. And, it’s NOT a collections business, unlike personal loans. Defaults are almost a non-event!
  • <36% APR Theme: it’s becoming the norm. More States are implementing. There are sophisticated, seasoned Teams offering <36% APR loans – particularly in the car title loan space – who have been scaling their portfolios while achieving 90% – 200%+ APR’s LEGALLY. [Passed years of State audits.] They need additional capital to meet demand.
  • Consumer Demand: Government subsidies and State unemployment benefits are expiring. Evictions are back in play. People are people. Our demographic is spending $$ and borrowing more. Pent up demand!
  • Bad debt: There will soon be a tsunami of “bad paper” to “work.” Debt buyers are on the hunt. Check out IOUUmpire for a unique white-labeled AI-powered engine for your collection needs. No need for human involvement/call center to negotiate with your past-due borrowers!
  • If you need an OUTSTANDING accountant, bookkeeper, and/or tax savant 100% focused on “the business of lending to the masses,” I’m happy to introduce you. No strings… You might be surprised how much $$$ you can save your loan business by working with specialists in consumer lending. Tax minimization, PPP loan forgiveness, R & D tax credits, creating static pools & financials for operating your loan business more efficiently, raising money, financial projections… Don’t sell your bad paper for $.04 on the dollar? Or, set up your white-labeled debt negotiation platform and go into business.
  • FYI: I’m receiving more calls and emails from creative entrepreneurs who are targeting their loan portfolios to niches within our consumer loan industry! Elective dental, car repair, plastic surgery, student debt, prescriptions, funding only federal employees, BNPL, collateralized loans of ALL kinds, Illinois paper & data for sale as a result of the <36% APR cap… I cannot keep up with the opportunities coming across my surfboard; I MEAN DESK!
  • Crypto staking [collateral] loans, funding consumers via “lightning” – we just completed our first tranche of loans funded to Tennessee borrowers. No ACH! No fees! Peer-2-Peer lending… more on our results to follow.
  • Brick-n-mortars are closing all over the country. Actually, all over the world!
  • Again, I emphasize; IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PHONE TODAY! We have a white-labeled loan App ready for you to launch. Build your own brand!
  • If you’re not happy with the fees you’re paying for IBV [Instant Bank Verification], reach out! I can guarantee you will save SERIOUS $$. A simple introduction…
  • IWV [Instant Wage Verification] is another tool you should consider adding to your underwriting. REAL-TIME wages earned! Know in real-time how many hours your borrower earned this a.m. working for one or more employers. USPS, Amazon, Uber, CVS, Walmart, Target, KYC…  70% coverage and growing weekly.
That’s it for now. Just know that “The Business of Lending to the Masses” is exploding!
Change is the order of the day. Banks are slowly eliminating NSF fees [Too much heat by the FED’s!], there are more and more white-labeled platforms, tools & 3rd party solutions being introduced weekly. M & A is scaling. Crypto solutions are creeping into our business. [Did you know you can earn 10%+ using BTC as collateral with a 30% – 50% LTV today?]
Do you have an opportunity? Capital available? Need an introduction? Idea? Challenge? Looking for talent?
Jer Ayles, Consultant: How to Start a Consumer Loan Business

How to Loan Money to the Masses

Consultant: How to Start a Consumer Loan Business
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