Consumer Wages & Employment Real-Time: a State-of-the-Art Platform

Instant Bank Verification on Steroids!

Announcing a state-of-the-art service for sophisticated small-dollar loan balance sheet lenders! The simplest way to access, verify & update your loan applicants, & existing borrowers employment status up to the hour.; real-time! Better than IBV!

We integrate DIRECTLY with employers! Major, significant employers! 22,000+ employers!! Want to know how many hours your debtor/applicant worked this a.m? Yesterday? Wages earned at Amazon? Walmart? USPS? Target? Uber? Lyft? Starbucks, Home Depot, FedEx, Best Buy, Albertsons, Kroger, Chase, all branches of the U.S. Military… and more and more and more…

Fill out my online form.

  • Automatically update banking & debit card information stored in your customer’s workplace account!
  • Verify your Borrower’s work history
  • Employment status
  • Employers(s)
  • Hours worked! [Refresh hourly]
  • The vehicle used [for their job if appropriate for your business model]
  • Wages earned > depository account(s)
  • White-labeled for Lenders Name/Brand/Logo!
  • Borrower/Debtor social Reputation monitoring
  • API integration is available. WE ARE OUT OF BETA!​​​​​​​
What’s NOT to like? Better, faster, stronger, fresher, bolder… than IBV! 
ISO’s/Resellers… OK.
This is IBV on STEROIDS! 
Sign up for a Demo. The line is already down the block! [Bring your mask if you’re in a “blue” state! Gonna let your competitor annihilate you?
Sitting on a ton of cash you can’t put out on the street? The garbage leads your buying have been “picked over?” 

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Jer Ayles
Trihouse Consulting
Cell: 702-208-6736 PDT after 10 am.
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