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Texas Credit Access Business

As of the date of this notice, we have not received the fees to renew one or more of your Credit Access Business Licenses. All licenses will cancel non-renewable if fees are not received by December 31, 2023. If your license is not renewed by 12/31/2023 and expires, you will need to cease activity and apply for a new license.


Due to current mailing delays, we strongly encourage all licensees to complete their renewal in ALECS. The renewal period for CAB is open now and will close on December 31, 2023. Licenses not renewed by 12/31/2023 will cancel non-renewable. Credit Access Businesses licenses may not be reinstated. If a CAB license cancels-non renewable, the business will need to cease activity and apply for a new license.

How to renew:
1. Log in to ALECS https://alecs.occc.texas.gov/
2. Click on Manage My Business (left hand column)
3. Click on “Renew License” under the License heading
4. Select Credit Access Business from the drop-down menu at the top
If your license(s) does not appear after this step, click on “Dashboard” and then on the “My business Transactions” tab to see if there are not any initiated transactions there. If there are, you will need to delete these initiated transactions in order to be able to complete the renewal.

5. Click the box(es) of the license(s) you need to renew
6. Check the “By checking this box, I confirm that I would like to renew the selected licenses.” Box
7. Click License Renewal and complete the payment information (Accepted forms of payment include check and card)


Credit Access Business Licensed Location: $800
Inactive* Credit Access Business License: $450

(*Inactive – License is not in use and business is NOT conducting activity pertaining to the license. Licenses not inactivated before 11/27/2023 will pay the Credit Access Business Licensed Location Amount of $800. Inactivating a license while the business is still conducting activity covered under Texas Finance Code 393 could subject a business to unlicensed activity penalties.)

Frequently Asked Questions
How Do I Print My License? Click on Manage My Business, click “Print License”. Select “Credit Access Business” from the “Select License” drop down at the top and the select the box next to the license you want to print and click on “PDF to Print”. (OCCC CAB licenses do not display an expiration date. You do not need to print a new one unless you do not already have it on display at the place of business.)

How Do I Confirm My Renewal? Click on “Dashboard” from the menu on the left and from the “My Business Tab” you can view the renewed date. If the date is 11/27/2023 or after you are renewed for the 2023-2024 fiscal year.

I have ceased all activity pertaining to the license and will not be renewing, how do I proceed? IF the business has ceased ALL activity covered under the applicable chapter of the Texas Finance Code, the business may submit a surrender request in ALECS under Manage My Business. The request will be reviewed and is not automatically approved. A business that surrenders an OCCC license while the still conducting activity covered under the applicable chapter of the Texas Finance Code could be subject to unlicensed activity penalties.

If you are creating an ALECS account for the first time and receive the red message that states, “The SSN/FEIN is found in our System and already claimed by an OCCC User”, the system is alerting you that an account has already been created/exists. A license can only be accessed and renewed from the original account the license was approved from.

If you are unable to complete the renewal after following the steps above, please email us at licensing@occc.texas.gov.

Thank you!
Licensing Department
Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner

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