Here are a few compliments given by entrepreneurs who have invested in our Courses or participated in our Paid Consulting Calls.

These are by no means all of them. In addition, our Founders have been referenced as industry experts by The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, The New York Times and many, many more.


“The Manual is great for information and to get your started. Most of all, you have a direct line for information. Money well spent. Thank you!” Ken W.

…and this:

“I have received all the files now. FYI: the Manual has been an outstanding informational read. Worth every dollar! Thanks again.” Ryan O.

…and this:

Well said. Learning is expensive. My suggestion is if you want to loan money (or if you are always), get as much help as possible. Jer is a wealth of knowledge.

The best learning I have ever done was to learn from someone else’s mistake…. much less expensive. Pierre G. [LinkedIn]

Jer has been a beast on the follow up after the call, connecting me with helpful people to our project. Would def recommend connecting with him.
Time with Jer is well worth it! Great advisor and value added resource in the lending space.
Jer is a great guy! Extremely knowledgable and fun to speak with.
Straight forward and straight shooter! 100% recommended.
Jers call was worth every penny!! The knowledge he possesses is priceless and he wants to know how he can help the second he answers the phone. I’m almost halfway through the “Bible” and if you haven’t bought it and subscribed to the blog then you’re only holding yourself back.
Jer is extremely knowledgeable and a please to speak with. Hope to talk with you soon.
So excited for the future after my call!
Our calls with Jer are the most valuable for our business. Looking forward to continued conversations.

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