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Available: Experienced Operations Manager: Tribal Lending, Call Center, Marketing, Collections

Available: Experienced Operations Manager: Tribal Lending, Call Center, Marketing, Collections…

Nici C. is an experienced Operations Manager/Team Member in the Subprime as well as Tribal Lending Industry seeking her next opportunity. 

With 10+ years of small-dollar lending experience, Nici possesses exceptional skills in call center and operations management, marketing campaign management, CRM, collections, complaint handling and resolution, staff development, fraud investigation and monitoring, quality assurance, as well as startup experience. Nici will consider ALL working environments including remote, part-time, project oriented, full-time… She’s currently based in Atlanta.

Reach out to explore: Nici@PaydayLoanIndustry.com


Is she willing to relocate? Yes

What LMS providers is she experienced with? EPIC, TranDotCom, Infinity

Which  CRA’s? Why use one or two vendors vs another? Experience in dealing with vendors to change control files and manage data issues. Worked with Clarity, Factor Trust, Data X and Decision Logic

Which underwriting 3rd party vendors has she worked with? Clarity, DataX, IDology, Factor Trust, LexisNexis

Would she say she has “relationships – first name basis” with the network of vendors servicing our space? Can she pick up the phone and get an issue handled? Yes

Can she write about the industry? Yes

In-depth analysis? Trends? Niches within the industry? Yes

From industry trends to customer acquisition through underwriting, processing, funding methodologies, vendor selection, collection strategies… Yes

Experienced in what, if any marketing channels/customer acquisition? Email, social media, voicemail drops, direct mailing…

Is she familiar with and able to provide commentary and insight regarding typical KPI’s? How to improve them? For both de novo and seasoned? Yes

Any title loan B2C experience? No

Which tribes has she worked for? Several! Has NDA’s in place. [She’s discreet!]  Has also worked with offshore and state by state lenders.

Languages? English

IMPORTANT: Is she a skilled content writer? Yes

Ever hear of Podium? Yes

Google Adwords skill set? Yes Workarounds for their PDL policies? Yes Same for FB? Yes


Bank relationships? Amenable to B & M’s? Tribes? No [Dear reader: Click here for a tribe: Leaning Rock Finance

Know WordPress backend? Yes


Photoshop? Yes

FB? Yes

Instagram? Yes

Twitter? Yes

Developing direct mail pieces? Yes

Familiar with the latest AI and automation platforms? Yes

Enjoys nothing better than to go to bed at night and read the latest judicial wins by the companies employing the sovereign nation [tribal model] and  the superior financial returns reported by ENVA, CURO, ONEMAIN FINANCIAL, WRLD, CACC, ELVT… quarterly earnings reports along with the great work performed by our industry associations including NAFSA, OLA, CFSA, FISCA..? Yes {Man, this girl is as sick as Jer}

Tell me more about “fraud investigation.” Monitoring accounts for suspicious activity; investigating fraudulent transactions and dispute filing/resolution in the prepaid card industry.

Does she live and breathe our industry? Yes

Fintech aware/oriented? Yes

Can’t get enough. Is she crazy like us? Yes!

How does she react if called a “loan shark?” First, be empathetic then respond with facts as it pertains to terms and conditions/signed agreement.

What are her income requirements? Open to negotiations. Depends on the gig!

What’s the largest headcount she’s managed? 77

Portfolio size? Transaction monthly volume? Managed a Team doing 100 loans a day, Managed a Collections Team of 20 and a origination team of 50, managed QA departments.

Insurance requirements? Yes

Able/willing to attend the Assoc. Conventions? Yes

Would you consider her more of an assistant? Assigned tasks and completes them? Or a creator who can join disparate ideas and combine them leading to 100X outcomes for her Team? Well-versed; ability to do both!

In an ideal world, what would Nici PREFER to be doing? In an ideal world, Nici would prefer to be working with a PDL Company where she can continue to grow/learn and is seen as an asset by utilizing her current skills/knowledge to grow the portfolio. 

Nici resides in Atlanta, Georgia and can be contacted at: Nici@PaydayLoanIndustry.com

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