Lending to the Masses: Referral Idea

Small Dollar Lending: Idea for Customer Referrals

To express appreciation for its clients and underscore continued support of their ongoing financial goals, BargainPaydayLoans.com has launched a customer referral program, awarding existing clients an impressive $110 per new customer referral. [NOTE: All-in, it’s common for lenders to spend as much as $180+ to fund a loan!]

Through the customer referral program, existing Bargain PaydayLoans clients are given a unique code that can be shared with friends and family members to access an online loan application. 

Fourteen to twenty-one days after the referral receives their funds, $110 is deposited into the client’s account on file with BargainPaydayLoans.com. The funds can be withdrawn as cash or used to pay loan balances down.

“Bargain Payday Loans means business, and our clients know we are always there to help them meet their financial goals. From unexpected medical costs to car accidents or other emergencies, we understand that life is not always a straight line, so we are committed to supporting our customers and the people they care about.”

“Through our groundbreaking customer referral program, we are excited to spread the word about our company’s unique roster of customized lending opportunities and reward our happy, loyal customers for referring their friends and family to us,” said Frank Waters, Vice President of Operations for BargainPaydayLoans.com.

About BargainPaydayLoans.com:

BargainPaydayLoans.com is a tribal lending company wholly owned by LeaningRockFinance.com Holding Company and its members, a sovereign nation in the United States of America. BargainPaydayLoans.com is dedicated to providing short-term financial solutions to Americans in need. 

Since its formation in 2018, BargainPaydayLoans.com has built a nationwide reputation for spearheading the industry’s most innovative financial products backed by a singular commitment to client service excellence. 

The company combines an unparalleled team of experienced and dedicated financial professionals with state-of-the-art online technologies to meet emergency financial needs successfully. 

In addition to its sought-after portfolio of loan choices, BargainPaydayLoans.com offers comprehensive customer loyalty and financial education programs expressly designed to help solve money challenges in the short term and improve clients’ lives in the long term. 


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