How to Start a Loan Business

Are you frustrated investing hour after after hour searching Google for answers for starting a consumer loan business?

Have you wanted to start a consumer loan business but don't know where to start?

Car title loans, installment loans, payday loans...

6 ways we can help you

What if you could start a consumer loan business knowing EVERYTHING about profits, capital required, licensing, software, customer acquisition, underwritng, collections... Trihouse Consulting has done it all. MANY times!

1 on 1 Consulting

Jer Ayles, Founder of Trihouse Consulting, has developed a reputation as the go-to expert in "the business of lending to the masses!"


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Mergers & Acquisitions

Want to sell your consumer loan business? Want to acquire a lending business? We have buyers & sellers chopping, eration


Need an in-depth understanding of how the Texas CAB/CSO consumer loan model works? Do you need a 3rd Party Lender? Click me to learn more!

Storefront & Online Model

Storefront lenders can return a serious ROI if implemented correctly. Online lenders can serve their entire state. A "blended" model often makes the most sense. We help you!

State Licensed & Tribe Model

We opened our first storefront in Garden Grove, California in 1998. We partnered with our first Native American Indian tribe in 2008. We know which licensing model makes the most sense for your situation & goals

Step 1

Click "Step 1" to schedule a free 15-minute "Discovery Call."

Step 2

Our team will develop a strategic plan so you can spend your time focusing on achieving your goal.

Step 3

Our customized and personalized process can help reduce your stress and contribute to your project’s success.

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