Course 5

COURSE #5: How to Get Top Dollar for Your Business

How to Get Top Dollar for your business.

Over a 25-year career, I’ve developed a PROVEN, and comprehensive step-by-step system, to prepare YOUR business to sell. “HOW to get Top Dollar for your Business” is a course created to walk you through simple, step-by-step changes that don’t cost much money, but will transform your operations, and make your business attractive to the ideal BUYER.  Most of the examples and topics within this course are related to the Payday Loan industry, Auto-title, and sub-prime businesses.

With this course, you’ll be able to offer a business with REAL value, get TOP DOLLAR, and make a transition easy, and painless for you and your buyer. And after the deal closes, everybody will be friends, and you won’t have to worry about a lawsuit.

Because, I’m not going to teach you to hide the bodies, or put lipstick on the pig. That’s being sneaky and dishonest. This course is about making small changes that turn your business into a well-oiled machine that operates with minimal effort from the new owners.

I’ll show you how to find the BEST buyer, that’s EAGER to pay you MORE than you expected.

I’ll show you 11 KEY points that BOOST the value of your business and make it easy to sell.

I’ll show you the 13 big mistakes that most people make when selling a business, and how those mistakes cost big money.

How to go from an ONLINE ZERO to an ONLINE HERO, and not spend ANY money doing it.

I’ll show you a few tricks that will clean up your books quickly, even if you have YEARS of bad record-keeping.

I’ll show you a little-known business strategy that only costs $20 to implement, but I “forgot about it, and cost me a year of my life, and over $200,000!!

I’ll show you how to quickly, and simply document all of your operations systems and training. And not spend a dime!

I’ll explain WHY it’s so important to bump up your sales, and I’ll give you 17 marketing ideas to put into action right away.

I’ll show you how to clean up your operations, automate your employee supervision and make your operation run itself.

I’ll explain why you want to make any/all marginal employees disappear.

I’ll show you how to find a STAR employee, and why a star can transform your business.

Most importantly, I’ll talk about taking YOU out of the business. I explain WHY, and I’ll show you HOW. Because if the business is 100% dependent on the owner/operator, it’s worth a LOT less. This is a deciding factor for many buyers and will determine how much you get for your business.

START to move forward with your dreams!

Your investment? For immediate access, $137.00 for the PDF Adobe Acrobat version. The printed version of the course is $197.00 (Includes 177 pages of real insider information, proven marketing strategies, forms, checklists, and practical operational information). Allow 2-5 business days for the printed version.

Price for the VIDEO version of this course:  $269.00 (The video course includes 177 pages (as above) with 8.5 hours of video instruction, and additional real-world examples and explanations.)

The price for the VIDEO version PLUS a one-hour one-on-one conference call with Miro Posavec $379.00  PLUS this includes the Printed version, the VIDEO, and the call.  (Calls are billed at $300/hr)

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